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Embracing Disruption

RRP $16.99

Food trailers swiping credit cards on their smart phones. Arab revolutionaries toppling dictators with Twitter and Facebook. And entrepreneurs running their entire businesses from an iPad. We wrote this manifesto to explore an exciting world propelled by disruptive innovation. This book is a collaborative effort that started as a Kickstarter project in 2012. Our goal was to write an easy to understand book about the cloud that covered the philosophy that underlies it. We wrote this book so that it would be accessible to everyone.

God, Racing And Writing (book Two)

RRP $12.99

GOD, RACING AND WRITING: A NEW BOOK "A/My Holy Trinity"* " "We are not human beings having a spiritual experience. We are spiritual beings having a human experience." - Pierre Teilhard de Chardin "All traditions of culture and faith have tales of people breaking out of their limited viewpoint, suddenly seeing the universe in crystal clarity, as if they've unlocked the secret of life itself." "It is far from the exclusive preserve of those who attribute it to a personal deity. Belief about the source of these powers will always be affected by upbringing, nationality and culture. this power is far more internal and integral to every living being, accessible to everyone, 'believer' or not." - fine writing by Clyde Brolin in his fascinating book "OVERDRIVE; FORMULA ONE IN THE ZONE' Web site: www.overdrivef1.com Your God is a 'petrol-head', but He/She/It does have a sense of humour." - Thoughts of my good micro-biologist and dentist friend, Andy "Don't bend; don't water it down; don't try to make it logical; don't edit your own soul according to the fashion. Rather, follow your most intense obsessions mercilessly." - Franz Kafka There are only three sports: bullfighting, mountain climbing and motor racing; all the rest are merely games." - Ernest Hemingway "Racing is a metaphor for life itself." "The Zone could simply be a gateway to the divine, one of God's methods of reminding us of His - and our - glorious power. Omnipresence means that power must be everywhere, everytime. Including the racetracks. Including today." "Grand Prix racing is primarily a mental contest it's a battle of strength of wills by the combatants and a magnificent contest, the arena to display and share unique gifts and talents. Perhaps in this 'theatre of speed', F1 is a metaphor for life itself" - craig From my blogs www.raceinthezone.wordpress.com and www.godracingandwriting.wordpress.com "People talk about the Zone as a very outward thing, but it's not". It's very spiritual. To me, the Zone is when you're operating at the intuitive level. You're not thinking about it, so it happens naturally. You're at the top of your job. You've got your emotions controlled, your energy is channelled and you're just doing it. That's the Zone. You're just doing it." - British touring car driver (and numerous times World Touring Car Champion) , Andy Priax from Clyde Brolin's fascinating book OVERDRIVE: FORMULA ONE IN THE ZONE) www.overdrivef1.com which inspired me to write this one, my "own one" thanks Clyde "Look across all sport and observe the truly great. All had this zest for combat, this taste for being truly tested. All wished to explore (and even expand*) the limits of their own possibilities. * my words Time after time we are forced to wonder why one great talent succeeds and another still greater talent falls short? The reason is not mere "the will to win". Rather it is the will to be tested at the very highest level. It is the ability to not only dwell on the far edge of sporting possibility, but to hold one's balanceand to relish the proximity of the void." -The Times, London From https://formula1mind.wordpress.com/2015/02/25/look-across-all-sport-and-observe-the-truly-great-all-had-this-zest-for-combat-this-taste-for-being-truly-tested-all-wished-to-explore-and-even-expand-the-limits-of-their-own-possibilities/ Racing is something that most people will never understand. It's not just a sport or something to do on Saturday night and Sunday. It's a way of life!! Once your in it, it's in your blood. Once you make your first run... you can't stop. The track is home away from home. You smell that race fuel, rubber, and when you hear those engines scream.... it's music to your ears. Also the love of the racing family!! Following on from my books Racing and Writing in the Zone and God and Formula 1 For S G and M. I know you can't understand my "passions". Still thanks for brightening each day more than ever know c

Motor Racing's Strangest Races

RRP $19.99

Since 1894, when motor racing's colourful history began with a bang (and a banger!), drivers, racers and lunatics alike have done many stupid and bizarre things all in the name of motor sport. Author Geoff Tibballs has gathered together this absorbing collection of stories from over a century of motor racing around the world, including the Frenchman who drove 25 miles in reverse, the Grand Prix in which the leading drivers were so far ahead that they stopped for a meal in the pits, the Le Mans 24-hour race won by a car patched up with chewing gum, and the driver who drank six bottles of champagne - virtually one per pit-stop - on the way to winning the Indianapolis 500.

The stories in this book are bizarre, fascinating, hilarious, and, most importantly, true. Revised, redesigned and updated for a new generation of petrol heads, this book contains enough extraordinary-but-true tales to drive anyone around the bend.

About the Author

Sports writer Geoff Tibballs is the author of several bestselling titles in the Strangest... series, on a range of sports including motor-racing and the Olympics. He also wrote Great Sporting Scandals published by Robson.

Turbo Donkeycart

RRP $12.99

"Turbo Donkeycart"An oxymoron if ever there was one, but a perfectly logical one for those born and raised, as Michael A. D. Edwards puts it " in the Between Lands."For this his first published collection, Edwards examines the paradox that is modern Jamaica and juxtaposes it alongside an omnibus view of world affair and a storehouse of personal memories and aspirations.By turns acerbic, cynical, hopeful, weary, genial and even lusty, Turbo Donkeycart is a fulsome journey - at warp speed into the aligned heart-mind of one of Jamaica's foremost literary sons.

Anthills And Racing Feet

RRP $39.99

Junior is a ten-year-old boy who leaves his familiar home in a small, rural island village and travels with his mother to join her new husband in big city, New York. The story meets us at his emotional separation from his beloved grandmother and boyhood friends. It takes us through the many bumps along the journey as he tries to find his Sense of Belonging in this perplexing, new home. He discovers, as immigrant children do, that there are many challenges. The size and speed of life, new people, strange customs, puzzling behaviors, feelings of isolation and bullying in school all play their part in his journey. This is a modern-day story about the value of family love and support, the wisdom of lessons learned from elders and the process by which a boy finds his inner strength, just when he needs it most.


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